Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 4, Day 5 and most of Day 6

Day 4 was spent with E and I lounging on the patio here watching the birds soar, the waves crash and the breezes blow. It's a rough job, but someone has to do it. We headed back into town to wait for our friends arrival. We met them at Buffalo Chips (yes, it is a restaurant with great wings)and then headed home. Sat. morning (day 5), after a great breakfast courtesy of Mr. E himself, the girls headed off to the outlet mall and the guys watched golf on tv until everyone else's units were ready.

Kristen and Chris got in around four and Jamie, Mike and baby Michael got in not much later. These kids of ours are the second generation and baby Michael is the third of Week 29ers...long live this wonderful tradition of friends reuniting at the beach. Chuck and Linda, our resident newly weds were already in their unit when we arrived. My sister made us all pulled pork for sandwiches and my niece an nephew joined us with my great niece Kaela for a fun filled evening. Great light show later in the evening with a big storm moving through.

Coffee this morning with Linda and Chuck followed by a day filled with lots of R and R...float in the pool, pop a beer, turn over, repeat same! We are all now preparing to head out to the Bridge, a restaurant/bar on the Back Bay for our traditional Reagge Night of wonderful music and great tropical views. Day 6 will draw to a close when we return with our ritual evening star does not get much better than this.

Kristen and Chris both have to work tomorrow so they headed home a couple of hours ago.

The picture on today's blog is of a huge stingray that had beached itself. We are assuming it was affected by the red tide that is moving down the Gulf. The guys tried to float the ray back out into the Gulf but we do not hold out much hope it survived.

More tomorrow or the next day or....


Anne said...

Well, it may have seemed official before, but lest there be any doubt I will declare right here and now that it IS official that I am jealous! Okay, I have confessed. The big question, of course, is who will absolve ME?!?!? Miss you, but glad you are having too much fun doing that job that someone has to do. xoxo

craftycat said...

Wow sounds like you are having a blast - good for you.

Eljay said...

Now Jules you really have to take some time to rest. You are really wearing me out!!! And please don't exert yourself popping those tops!
and that is a huge ray!!! wowzer, I would not be the one helping it out to deeper water!

Ruth said...

Ahhh, summer holidays at the beach. Sounds wonderful. Keep smiling.