Friday, July 14, 2006

Life is just a bowl of cherries...

E brought these home from work today and they are almost too pretty to eat. But, I did anyway...and soooo very good.

He also brought us fresh pineapple and some Georgia peaches that he is going to halve, grill and pour in white chocolate and basalmic. These are to die for. And I wonder why I can't lose weight!

A week from today we will be on the beach, floating in the pool, taking nice long shelling walks in the mornings and watching for the dolphins. I can't wait!


:Jayne said...

Your life sounds yummy from the cherries & peaches to the walks on the beaches. Sounds so fun!

PS I wasn't going for poetry but I guess it came out that way.

crazydarla said...

ROTF! I took pictures of my fresh rasperries JUST like this today! LOL Will post them later! ENJOY those cherries, yummy-O! And the beach...ahhh the beach... rub it in why dont' ya? LOLOL!!


Ruth said...

Pass the cherries Jules, I love cherries. Your fruit selection is so summer, here we have apples oranges and pears, just so winter. Now those peaches do sound good and worth a few extra calaries to me!