Saturday, July 29, 2006

Our last day (sigh!)

We floated in the pool, walked the beach and then went to Mantanza's for lunch. This place has the best crunchy grouper sandwiches and fried clams like I use to get at the old Howard Johnson's restaurants. As you can tell by Jill's sandwich, the portions are quite generous.

Jill was my student teacher a couple of years before I retired. It is a running joke about her taking pictures as she still has a roll of film in her camera, we say, from her high school graduation! She thought she and I should have a self portrait and this is the result. Too funny.
This next shot is of my Smoochie Girl, Kim and I. She and Jerry live in Titusville, just a hop, skip and 4 hours jump away from us. Jerry and I coached together in St. Louis and Kim's daughter, Jaimie who was down visiting here earlier in the week, was one of my first cheerleaders. It is almost

The sunset our last night was incredible...streaks of smokey gray against a sky on fire. We sat outside laughing, telling our old war stories over and over and missing each other before any of us have left. Jerry and Kim dropped our pals Kelly, Jill and Mary Beth off at the airport around six and the remaining ten of us talked til the silences between the words reminded us that Chuck and Linda and their friends have a long road trip back to St. Louis ahead of them. We all hugged, kissed, made promises about getting together more often that we will probably be unable to keep and toasted our special times of Week 29.

E is packing up the is Sat. morning now and lovely clouds and blue skies greeted me when I woke. This is the saddest time of all as we have to wish each other goodbye one last time . I will miss them all. Safe journey my friends. Posted by Picasa


Pam in Moncton said...

I haven't been commenting, but I have enjoyed reading all about your time at the beach and your reunion with all the friends who you share it with. What a special thing to look forward to each year! Great pictures too! Love the sunset. The self-portrait is cute.

RobinFL said...

Hi Jules. Glad you had such a magnificent time on your vacation. I enjoyed reading all about it.