Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Big Wave goes out to our friend, Jadee

Our young friend, Jadee, called last night. We became friends with Jadee when E hired her a few years back as a science teacher in his department at our high school. She always has claimed that she was the 'little catylist" (spelling? lol) that brought E and I together by buying us a body shot at one of the faculty happy hours.

Jadee was also my boss as she was the Varsity Cheer coach when I coached the Freshmen. We had some interesting times, that is for sure.

Now Jadee is the proud mama of two beautiful little girls, the Department Chair of Science at our school. She loves too cook almost as much as E does and when Jadee comes to visit, they spend lots of time in our kitchen whipping up yummy dishes.

Jadee is the one who started me scrapbooking and invited me to my very first crop. I use to put "scrap" albums together for each of my cheer squads and Jadee took me that one next step...thousands of dollars later, thanks Jadee. Jadee is also one of the very first Smoochie Girls! (don't tell

So , the Big Wave goes out to our little buddy, Jadee today!  Posted by Picasa

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Ruth said...

Your friend Jadee has been very influential in your lives, she sounds like fun too. You must be so excited to be catching up with all the girls for Kip's birthday, I am sure there will be more than a few laughs. Have fun planning.