Friday, August 25, 2006


"Just got off the phone with my daughter, Kristen. Up until today, she was a first grade teacher in a school district in the Tampa area. Today was the ten day count district wide and her school came up short. Because she took a transfer, she was one of three low on the totem pole at her school. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Before Kristen and Chris moved to Florida, she had completed over half of her Master's Degree in Library Science and had many hours of training in reading. The saving grace is that she is now the 1/2 time assistant librarian and 1/2 time reading consultant at her school. Before she transferred to this school, which is at most fifteen minutes from her house, she had a horrendous commute. She was so excited about the new school, the closeness and the kids. I am so very glad this has worked out for her. She does have to pass a state test in order to continue to keep the assistant librarian job and her beloved step papa, E, offered to pay for it.
She thanked him and promised not to move back in with us! lol Are we that transparent? Guess so.

Nothing but good news this Friday from Paradise."


crazydarla said...

OH JULES! I was terror sticken, laughing and almost crying all in this one post! Poor dd... I hope she is ok now? And how sweet of your honey to offer to take care of her too... and yes, somewhat transparent too (hee hee jjking) I hope things work out perfectly for her! Who knows, mabye her TRUE calling is librarian? egh? HUGS

ZoraF said...

I'm not an educator, but my god daughter's parents are both educators. They're both teaching 4th grade this year at different schools. It amazes what teachers have to go through. So many hoops, rules and regulations. District, Union, School Board, money, test scores, Principal contribute to the ever changing requirements. Not knowing if your job is confirmed literally until the first day of school. Knowing that one day you are teaching such and such a grade, next day, the enrollment changes and the staffing follows suit. My god daughter's mom didn't know what grade she would be teaching and who she would be job -sharing with until 3 weeks before the year started. They had an opening and are hiring another teacher 2 weeks before school is starting. People lost their jobs at the end of last year because of budgets/contracts and found new employment. Now, those jobs are open again! It's SO stressful and unsettled, it amazes that anyone can stay with it and become tenured. I am such a supporter of teachers and my girls have been SO blessed with the teachers they have had. VERY blessed. I couldn't have hand-picked better. But, it's SO NOT fair that they never know what is going to happen from year to year! I'm happy your DD has a position and it sounds like she may get to work a little closer with smaller groups of students, which might be kind of fun!! Sorry she had to have such a scare though! Bless all of you who are educators and work or have worked with our children! -Zora

Kip said...

I was afraid when I heard her numbers that her class wouldn't last but it sounds like it worked out for the best for her! The test should be a piece of cake for her and she should love this new job(s)!


:Jayne said...

Every cloud has a silver lining. Now instead of a few students benefiting from Kristen, it sounds like the whole school will!
GRRRRR! 10 day counts! The thing I hate about them is just as the kids get attached, they lose a teacher and have to start all over!
But in this case it came out good for her.

Cindy said...

Oh wow, this is such good news. It sounded so bad at first!! LOL! your E is quite a man! You should definately keep him. Congrats to Kristen!!

Eljay said...

oh I would love those jobs! In my next life I am going to be a librian. Good for her, still at the same school and 2 jobs I think she will like better. Sounds like a win win to me!

Gail said...

Quite the story Jules! Sounds like your DD is adaptable and has a good sense of humor which I'm sure she must have inherited from you. Hope that all works out for the best.

Ruth said...

Good to hear that it all worked out for Kristen. That is a lucky break indeed but I bet it didn't feel like it at the time. Jobs, too fickle. My dh's company he works for told them they only have another six weeks left of work garunteed. Lets hope he is as lucky and gets a better job closer to home.