Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ernesto is coming!

Looks like he is going to huff and puff but hopefully won't blow our house down. The cone and eye have shifted a bit to the nw and that means landfall could be a bit east of us. We have been told to anticipate power outages and high winds plus lots and lots of rain.

Good thing my honey is married to a Pier One candle addict! We are ready and we will sure smell good if the power goes out. We have our 5 inch b/w battery operated tv ready and our 3 mega lights...and I even managed a quick run by the public library just in case.

All this insures that Ernesto will sail on by and leave us alone. Stay safe all you Florida people! Posted by Picasa


:Jayne said...

Sounds like it will be mild enough for a good hurricane party! Stay Safe, let me know if I need to lead a monkey rescue team to you!

Pam in Moncton said...

I hope Ernesto gives you a miss. From the map Kip put up it looks like it will. I can just picture you surrounded by candles though! Seems like you have a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses but that might just be my eyes!