Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Sat. to all

This view is one of the things I will miss when we move. This is the dock outside Bonita Bill's Restaurant and Bar on San Carlos Island on the way to Ft. Myers Beach. This waterway between San Carols Island and the Beach is referred to a the Back Bay and home to the shrimp fleets.

I've been working on the kit for November. I am trying to stay ahead so when we move, I don't have to worry about our kits being ready for sale. This kit is based on a gift I made for my friend, Kip.

E is off to work today and tomorrow. He is off Monday and next Friday but working lots inbetween. This is the time a lot of the full time employees take their vacations at the store and he is filling in. I need to do some household chores today (isn't work a four letter word?) to get ready for the prospective buyers who are coming by tomorrow and for the Open House that follows their visit. Cross your fingers please. This is the 3rd. couple currently interested in our home. We need a bit more than "very interested"...we would love a contract!

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