Sunday, August 13, 2006

Our last day at Paradise Found

I took these first two shots yesterday morning and today is a repeat of the same with dark clouds hanging low and tangerine streaks lightening the sky through openings in the clouds. The entire scene is repeated in the water below. Right now the water in our back bay here is glass smmoth with only the trail of some water critter rippling the surface and an occassional jumping fish or bird out for its breakfast. It is quiet and serene and someone is quietly practicing a flute somewhere close by and playing it very well. What a way to start any day!

When I told you yesterday we had close encounters with those gentle giants, the manatee, I was not exaggerating. The next two pictures were taken from the top of the boat and show the brave Rubber Suit Girls taking on the mighty manatee.

This has been such a great weekend. I've laughed, hung out with the girls, swam, hiked (not far), eaten everything bad for me and even scrapped a little. We have to be out by noon and there are still a dozen things I want to do here. As someone once told me, the things you want to do but didn't lead you back to places again. I certainly hope so. This is an amazing place and the women have been a blast.

Kipster, you were greatly missed. Hope your back is better soonest! Posted by Picasa


Kip said...

Well I knew I"d be sorry for not getting to go and I am! Sounds like you all are having a blast. I'm happy for you!!

Mz Deanna said...

Wow! Too Cool! Someday we need to do that! Glad you had a great time!

Pam in Moncton said...

What a beautiful place, Jules! Must have been lovely just to be there and then to swim with manatees! I swam with dolphns once and loved that but the manatees would be quite an experience. Hope I will get to do that sometime.

Cindy said...