Monday, August 14, 2006

"There's no place like home, Dorothy!"

Posting from Paradise
We spent last night at the kids and had Kentucky Fried (topping off the high carb weekend, don't ya know!). The kids had work and school early so we all went to bed early. I watched the last 2/3 of the Ron Clark story on tv, dozing though some but what a great feel good movie. I love to see films where one person makes a difference as I truely believe in this adage.

About the weekend: crowded sleeping conditions, too much to eat, sixteen women of varied temperments and scrapping styles and agendas, the black hole in the upstairs room into which everything seemed to disappear, too little scrapping space, too much to do and too little time and....

Inducted two more Smoochie Girls (memo: sent out a quick notice to the rest of the Smoochie Girl Society), had a chance to do some low key (I hope) promoting of my classes and kits, actually get a layout and a half done, meet a bunch of neat gals, some of whom I have met before and three newbies.
So, until I can transfer the pics from Minnie to Harry here (and thanks to Michelle for helping us locate my card reader program so we can share photos fast), I'll bid you all tata for now or, as the Kipster says, BFFN!

Smoochies and Kiss Kiss to Roz and Dee!


Cindy said...

Sounds like a fun and interesting time you had there, Jules!!! Can't wait to see pics.

Ros said...

Jules...I am in withdrawal...I had to get up this morning to come to work! The kids are awesome and missed me but it isn't the same...We saw an ad for the movie Death to Smoochie and I cracked up. My family thought I was nuts, so I told them it was a private joke. CVS messed up the cd's so I am going to get them recopied after school today. Hope to have them in the mail to you tomorrow!
Kiss--kiss--hug Head Rubber Girl!

Dee said...

Hello darling! Nice job on the layouts. Glad to hear about the second visit to your house. It will sell I just know it. (The power of intention)
Hope I get to see you again real soon!!
One big smooch to ya,
Love Dee