Monday, August 14, 2006

Paradise Found...the saga continues

This is the group shot taken by the amazing Carol. She sets up her tripod, sets the timer and runs very, very fast. She does a wonderful job and don't we clean up nicely?
The next shot is of our two lovely hostesses, Ginni and her daughter. The food was so yummy and the place was fun. Three cheers for this mother/daughter team!
Ah, Linda and I can't just go out to lunch, you know! We had to create happy cups for our happy hour drinks.

The last pic is for my MerMaid friend, Clare. This was the tat on the calf of the Captain of our boat. I wouldn't mind getting a mermaid tat when I turn 60 but don't think I want it to cover my entire calf. On our Captain it looked good. Linda took this shot! Posted by Picasa


Eljay said...

Our entire Captain looked good!!!

:Jayne said...

HMMM! By the looks of the calve, maybe we should hire him on as a Monkey Captain to take some relief of off Hank