Saturday, August 12, 2006

This IS Paradise Found...

I took this picture from the front of our private island this morning. It was still but for a hint of a breeze and a ripple on the sun kissed bay. The sky was a lovely pink and reflected into the water. I took a short walk before breakfast and we headed out to swim with the manatee.

This was an amazing experience that I don't believe any of will ever forget. Linda was smooched by one and all of us got to touch one of these gentle giants. We mostly used throw away underwater pics but are loading these onto my computer in a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to upload them later today.

And, before I forget, my honey E won the "husband of the year" award with his kindness yesterday. He had no sooner dropped me off and headed out the gate in the direction of Palm Harbor than I realized my camera, camera case and all my money were sitting on the floor of the car. Without a cell phone, I had no way to reach him and resigned myself to bumming camera time and cash from fellow scrappers. Low and behond, someone yelled, "your husband is here with your camera"...he had made it 30 miles from the resort, saw my camera and returned to save the day. His kindness and thoughtfullness for others is one of the many reasons l love this man! Posted by Picasa


katie said...

What a sweetie---as I keep telling, it holds out hope that maybe there is one out there for me.
Sorry Kip is missing this weekend, but I hope she is getting some super healing time.
Any word on the buyers before you left home???

:Jayne said...

How gorgeous is that water!? E is certainly a keeper. Hope you enjoy the weekend.


Cindy said...

Awesome pic!!! Beautiful.