Thursday, August 10, 2006

My bags are packed...

Posting from Paradise

and I am ready for the weekend to begin! I've got at least 6 layouts all sorted with pics/papers/ribbons/embellies etc. plus the 18 pages I am doing for a page swap on a private message board. I think I will have more than enough to entertain myself this weekend.

We leave around ten tomorrow and head first to the new house to see how the builders' are coming along. Hope not too fast. The couple interested in our house are still crunching numbers (successfully I hope...keep those body parts crossed Brigade)! We'll stop off for lunch at that cute little restaurant on the lake that we found a couple of visits ago. It is our kind of place....lots of locals, very casual with cold beer and great grouper sandwiches.

Then we head up to Homossasa Springs to the Paradise Found Island Resort for the retreat. I have my waterproof throw away camera so that when I swim with the manatee, I can get some shots. I am also going to give Flash, my new camera, a run for its money as this place is suppose to be beautiful.

I don't know if the resort has internet or not so won't know if I can blog til I get there. I am taking Minnie (laptop) just in case and also because I want to try out my new HP (cheapo from Big Lots) printer. What a joy to be able to journal away while I am scrapping. I've always had to wait til I got home in the past.

So, this is adieu for now...


:Jayne said...

have fun! Can't wait to see what you get accomplished!


katie said...

Sounds like fun weekend.
Keeping appendages crossed and good sales thoughts headed your way.
Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!!