Saturday, September 30, 2006

Big Bird in Paradise

I followed this guy around the lake a couple of days ago clicking away madly. He was a bit camera shy and I couldn't get him to smile!
He stood close to three feet and had been fishing his way around our little lake. I love the fact that I can look out my lanai and see birds of all kinds, turtles in the lake and an even an occasional gator. Just a block down the street is the canal where, when cooler weather sets in, I can watch for manatee and even a dolphin or two. I think our cats like the lizards the best. There is one in my hallway right now belly up. Such mighty hunters are our "boys".

It is Sat. and I have a few chores on my agenda: cleaning the upstairs for Bob and Janet's visit on Sunday/Monday (poor Janet has a cold...hope she feels better soonest), some vacuuming and the 2 x a week bathroom cleanings.

Had a great time with my friends Kim and Barb last night. The three of us and Barb's daughter, Gerry-Anne are all heading up to a Hilltop Memories crop in Sarasota on the 14th. of Oct. On that Sunday, 3 of us will head up to Ruban Rouge for some shopping if we haven't spent all our mad money at the Hilltop traveling store.

And last, but not least, Hang Ten Paper Art kits go on sale TOMORROW! Jill and I produce a limited amount each month and we have upped the amount for this kit as it is so lovely with the K-ology papers and embellishments so don't delay if you want one. The preview is up now.

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