Friday, September 29, 2006


Posting from Paradise

So, finally, after several months of having our web site for the Hang Ten kits listed on my profile at "that --mb, I get an e-mail saying that if I do a bad thing like this again...I might be banned and that 3 bad things will make the banning happen. So this is the 5th. warning I have gotten in the last 5 years so the powers that be must think I am ok...or the statute of limitations ran out on some of the earlier ones. I've had friends banned for only one "offense" so this whole thing makes little to no sense to me. Now, my violation you ask? The site has a profile you can fill out. Most sites do. There is a blank for web site so I put down as that is the only web site I have. I'm thinking, if they have a space for a web site, they want you to put one down, right? Wrong!

I made the mistake of doing a Shout Out (you know, where you post that someone you know has done an incredible thing) on a pal of ours who has mega projects on display at Memory Trends (for non-scrappers this is a very good thing). Unfortunately, our pal mixed it up with the powers that be on our behalf and thus I got my 5th and who knows how many warnings to go til I am (gasp) banned.

So be it!


Ruth said...

Lucky you have better places to hang out! Or place to hang from if you like (you could hang ten or hang from the trees). What does CKMB offer these days anyway. Oh, was it CKMB? LOL.

Cindy said...

Oh my, I see very little has changed over there at "that" place!! LOL! Guess if she can't fight you, she'll ban you instead. Too bad, so sad.

mae said...

I thinks she likes to "confront" you! Maybe she wants the Monkeys to come over to "that board" in your defense so their #'s will go up.

crazydarla said...

OMHell girl....are you EVER gonna join the benchwarmers team or WHAT? LOL I don't think dear Erin wants to you to go, really I don't! LOL She has one helluva tug o' war going on doesn't she? LOL

Michele L from Tampa said...

Like there is not a ton of other places to hang out? Pety drama crap when there are so many other places to hang out. I used to hang out there - but the hand slapping was nerve racking. I got one and I went back and read all my few posts I did do and did not see anything wrong emailed to say WTF and no reply. So I banned myself from there and will only look once in a great while and then I remember why I do not lurk there anymore!

Kimberly said...

The whole thing is really sad. You were one of the first people on CKMB to be nice to me. Thank you for that... I'm sorry you're having so many trouble with the powers that be...(( hugs ))