Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ha! I'm not nuts!

or not totally nuts. I got home from the dr. s a bit ago and I have fluid in my inner ear which is causing the room tilts and spins. Took my first med and things should settle down soonest, I hope. The dr. believes the cause is a viral inflection. Meanwhile, until that clears up, I am hoping my careening off walls like a drunken sailor are kept to a minimum.

My hand problem is a different story. I will be going in for a nerve conductivity test (no needles or injected dyes...the dr. promised) in Oct. as he now believes I have nerve damage somewhere in my left arm. I have no idea what 'they' do for nerve damage so will cross that bridge when we come to it like the true procrastinator that I am!

Hoping tomorrow is a better day for all of us,even those who had a great day today. I do much better as long as I don't make any sudden moves with my head...right! Posted by Picasa


Dee said...

Oh thank god that's all it is Jules! I was worried about ya. And to think I used to take drugs to feel that way on purpose. Geesh, to be young and stupid huh? Glad you have some peace of mind with that one, now for the hand.
Love ya, Dee

:Jayne said...

Hope your meds work on the vertigo! That inner ear stuff is the pits! Love your pic of you and the cat.
To Better Days!


Michele L from Tampa said...

Dont fall apart on us - we can not take it! Hope all is well soon! I hope no needles - I do not do needles well at all myself - give me a pill anyday!