Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mama's Boy

This is Jack's brother, Goofy, Jack's victim from his attack the other day. Poor, poor Goof. He is the mildest tempered, most sweet little fella and that big, bad Jack picked on him. LOL. Goof can generally hold his own with Jack, actually and their mock battles are often humorous with Jack walking away more often than Goof. I felt I had to put up Goof's picture too. Jack is the ladies man with everyone but me. He is his daddy's boy while Goof loves me best. Good thing we have two "boys" so we don't have to share!

The vertigo yesterday was overpowering. The only way I could seem to get it to abate was to stay off the computer, sit upright in a chair and sit quietly. It was awful in the morning but got better as the day went on. I do have a dr. apt. this afternoon and I hope he can figure this out. I am also going to ask him why my pinched nerve has not improved on the meds he gave me as he said it would. I told my friend, Kipster, the other day that my new theme song was going to be "I fall to pieces" by Patsy Cline!

Have a great day all...off to sit quietly! Posted by Picasa


Gail said...

Goof is so adorable! Wish I could give him a cuddle! You'll have to do it for me. Thanks,

Michele L from Tampa said...

Beautiful cat! Looks almost like my Winston I had, just want to kiss that face!

Take care!