Saturday, September 16, 2006

More birthday pictures

In the back of the table are our friends, Karen and Dewey. The last time we all got together here was about 4 months ago and we were celebrating their marriage. Dewey helped us unbelievably with Papa Joe's estate and all the grayhound racers that Joe had owned partnerships in. E and Dewey still meet at the track when they can to "donate" a few dollars to the dogs
The restaurant sits on the back bay on a mangrove cove. We've seen gators and bird and crazed mullet fish while we eat. There is a screened in porch for seasonal folks and for smokers.

And another view of the magnificient sunset that night.

The kids are due in today for the weekend; E has to work until around 2 and then we are all cooking him supper. I have left the menu up to the kids as Kristen is a Pampered Chef rep after all! Will post the results tomorrow.
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Anne said...

The birthday feast looks fabulous! No wonder you're enjoying yours again today for lunch. Hope you have a great extended birthday celebration for E! Sending hugs to you both.