Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Party Continues

The kids arrived yesterday just a bit before E got home from work. We fixed salad, baked potatoes and steak and didn't burn a thing!

We played with my new Sony digi camera and I got these great shots of the rest of E's birthday bash. Kristen and Chris gave him lots of Pampered Chef gadgets and the cookie cooling trays that he had been lusting after!
Got great shots of Kristen and Chris too and one of 'angel child' sticking out her tongue at the camera. Can't wait to
scrap that one.

After supper, we had a little wine, watched part of a movie and all hit the sack early. Today we're off to the outlet malls and Costco, lunch when E gets home from work and the kids will head back to their home in Palm Harbor. Wish Rob could have made it down too but we hope to see him soon!

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katie said...

What fun to be able to celebrate over many days and with many different people.
Just read Kip's Blog-again, I knew that you had been SUPER busy this week and knew you would get to it when you could, so 'no worries' here. Especially since I had to work an extra day, so didn't have a chance to play. "She/He?" sits here by my shoulder, a constant reminder that I should be doing something with all the money I have invested in my "toys". Enjoy the rest of you day with your kiddos. Sounds like "e" is working more than "part" time.