Monday, September 18, 2006

She who does not like to have her picture taken...

For years, I was notorious for taking lousy pictures. The kids would pose as I would ask and then one would say, "Memorize your shoes" as often heads or parts of head would be missing from the final results.
Although I have improved in my photography skills some, I am a slow picture taker. I try to arrange the picture with the theory of thirds, take the shot from unusual angles...all the common tips I've read over and over.
The result is that my subjects often stand and stand and stand. My daughter has mutinied. After getting some fun shots demo'ing my new Sony for the kids this weekend, Kristen waited til the last minute and stuck out her tongue! Voila! Snap! and here she is!

I finished 8 (count 'em) layouts at a cyber crop this weekend at Scrap Village. That is probably more in 3 days than I have ever finished in the same time period in the past eleven years of scrapping. And I even like most of them. I'll be posting some of them in Jules'Creations over the next couple of days. Each layout was for a different challenge. The design team gals at Scrap Village came up with some really fun challenges and I applaud them!

New week, blog readers...hope it is a good one for you all! Posted by Picasa

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Pam in Moncton said...

Well you know of course that the story you told, and the picture of Kristen make such a nice combo and would make a good tell-it-as-it-really-is page! Wow - 8 layouts is wonderful! I will have to work to better that in a day! I'm game to try though if I can ever get back to it!