Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shrimp Boats a 'Comin'

I love the Back Bay with all the shrimp boats and live aboard boats. There use to be a little pontoon boat ride we could take that would do tours of both the Back Bay and Hurricane Bay for $5.00. The guy who did the tours took a year off to travel on his motorcycle but I hope he returns soon.
The county has removed several of the derelict boats, some of which had actually sunk into the bay and were blocking the course around Estero Island. Now, in order to keep a boat in the Bay, you must tie up to one of the county bouys and pay a monthly fee. Many old timers feel the Bay is being gentified and that they (and the shrimpers) are being pushed out.
This happens so much down here. Small mom and pop homes in desirable areas (read 'near water') are bought up, huge McMansions are erected by rich folks who only spend a few weeks in them, and then everyone complains that the area has lost its allure.
With the increase in insurance, taxes and impact fees, I often wonder how the public employees such as teachers, fire and police can afford to live anywhere near where they work.
Off my soap opera and back to the Bay!

P.S. Just heard the sonic boom as the space shuttle crossed over Florida to its successful landing! Welcome home! Posted by Picasa


katie said...

How cool that you can hear the "boom".
My daughter and I watched it land that last time and even onTV that was very exciting.
I know what you mean about not being able to afford houses. As a single nurse I cannot afford a house at this point. But then I must remember that I was able to live very comfortably for a little over a year on the proceeds from the sale of my house when I got my divorce, and if I had used that money on a house, I would be ahead, but would have probably been an emotional wreck after the abuse we had gone through, we rally needed the time and the lack of pressure.
Too bad the "little" guys are being forced out. Many more than likely work to eat and don't have many worldly luxuries.

nickle831 said...

Ah the boat ride sounds like fun. Wow you can actually hear the boom, that is awesome!

Ruth said...

You can hear the space shuttle, way cool! My husband would love to see one take off and land. He loves that stuff. Me I love shrimps (prawns)! and boats.