Friday, September 22, 2006

Gifts from the Sea

I love the book by Anne Morrow Lindberg written mostly while she was staying on Captiva Island. She gains serenity and peace from walking the beach and exploring the gifts offered up by the sea. One of the beauties of the shore is the Sea Grape. I love its broad leaves veined in red, its firm fruit and the fact it holds the sand, preventing erosion.
Many of the novelty stores here sell a sea grape jelly but I have never had any. I am putting that on my 'to do' list along with rereading Anne's book.

Off to Lowe's today when e gets home from work. He 'needs' a new trimmer for the shrubs and I want two small plants in pots to replace a couple on the front porch which have seen better days. I also need to find a new fall flag for my flag pole on the front porch. Most of my fall decorations are in the kids garage in Palm Harbor but the flag in that box has seen better days. I didn't care for any of the ones I saw when I shopped yesterday for Kip's candles so will continue the seach. I want a flag rich with the colors of autumn. I know exactly what I want; now to find out if anyone makes it.

Have a great day. I'm putting up a new layout in Jules' Creations until I run out. These have all been from a cyber crop at Scrap Village. Posted by Picasa


Gail said...

Jules I love your LOs. And that is a fabulous photo. I've read that book and thought of you when I read it. She lived around here for a while before she died. In fact my hairdresser used to do her hair. Her youngest daughter, Reeve, still lives in the area and writes children's books.

Cindy said...

Oh you definately should try that jelly. I love trying things that are native to a certain area. The big thing around here are huckleberries. I love the layout, too. Never seen anything of your's I didn't love. You are so very talented Jules.