Thursday, October 12, 2006

For the Birds

There was a pirate/bird show on the beach for Pirate Days and the birds were amazing. This one is so pretty and is "retired" no longer performing. When the current kind and caring owners got the bird, he was a baby and had been mistreated. He is blind and was very sweet around the small children in the audience.

Friends of ours have birds like these. I think they are now down to one. Their bird talks non stop and is very funny. He calls the dog in Kim's voice and says things like "Bad Louie (the dog)," as the dog sits and looks up at him very confused. The bird also has learned their phone ring and they have to change it often so they are not getting up and down to answer a phone that is not really ringing. The bird calls Kim in her husband and son's voices and calls her husband in her voice. It makes for some fun and confusion in their house and adds to the excitement of visiting them...

I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to work on at the crop this weekend. I have several projects all packed up but will have to narrow down my choices or rent a U-Haul truck. And I need to leave space in my bag for all the fun things Linda ( will have in her traveling store and all the things I will just have to have the next day when 3 of us visit Ruban Rouge (

This weekend will be lots of fun since it has been eons since I've cropped with Kim (owner of who is sponsoring the retreat on Marco Island the end of November, my old traveling buddy and Roomie, Barb and Barb's daughter, Gerry-Anne. I am really looking forward to introducing them to the great gals I know from Hilltop Memories retreats and to get some fun scrapping done.

Off to rent the U-Haul (j/k), Have a great day! (did I say I had posted my classes for the SNS retreat on Marco on my Jules' Creations blog? Oh, I did! LOL (please let me know what you think) Posted by Picasa

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