Friday, October 13, 2006

Family Traditions

Since we don't know yet where we will be this holiday season, I've been thinking a lot about family traditons.
My Nana use to always serve one glass of sherry on Christmas Even to the adults in these beautiful little glasses. This was the only time alcohol was allowed in her home. She also passed around her treasured box of chocolate covered cherries and everyone was allowed to take one. I got to keep all the ruffled little paper holders for doll dishes. I buy one box of these candies every Christmas in her honor and keep it in the fridge just like she did.

Our step dad had his own twist on a family tradition. Each year he would tape our family get together with everyone wishing all Happy Holidays. My sister has these tapes and they sure bring back lots of good memories.

For the past 14 or 15 years, at our house (where ever that has been), we have a tradition that the youngest or newest member of the family (or any unwary guests) read the Cajun Night Before Christmas in dialect on Christmas Eve. I am not sure where or why we started this tradition but it remains to this day. Last year, Tony read the book to us with our reader in training looking on. Can't wait to hear Kaela read this to us!

I'm off on an adventure tomorrow. Barb, Gerry-anne, Kim and I are heading out at 8 am to head to the Hilltop Crop in Sarasota. Believe it or not, all my scrap stuff is packed into my xxl except for Minnie who has her own lovely red travel case. My change of clothes, on the other hand, would fit into a lunch bag...tells where my priorities are. I have 3 projects all bagged up and I am ready to go!

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