Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Ft. Myers Crew hits Sarasota

What a fun day we had. Kim surprised us all by not only being on time but early at our point of departure in Ft. Myers. Way to go Kim! We got to the crop early, greeted Linda, Dee and the other Hilltoppers who were also settling in. We claimed our tables, hauled in our scrap crap and took off for a couple of local scrap stores. We got back to the crop in time for Linda's famous chicken salad wraps! Oh be still my heart!

Hours and hours of fun, frivolity and even some much needed crop time, it was supper time and again Linda wowed us .

This is Gerri-anne, Barb's daughter, and what a fun gal! She created the very cutest Disney mini book I have ever seen! It is a must have and she should teach this somewhere soon!

Here are Barb and Kim hard at work.
Kim was working on 4 copies of a
darling Halloween layout that she
designed with corregated cardboard and lots of cute, cute pumpkins and of course pictures of her oh too cute kids!

Barb was working on the Hang Ten Mailer kit as she said it helped to have one of the owners sitting next to her. She was doing just fine w/o me...just needed to look at the pictures! lol

We are ready to eat our breakfast soon and then will be heading up to Palm Harbor where we will meet up with the Kipster (I've told the girls all about you Kip and they can't wait), my daughter, whom they already know and maybe one of two of the Hilltop gals from last night! Lunch and shopping at Ruban Rouge...can't wait!

Kim, who usually gives prizes at convention and store crops, won a prize for a change! She won Linda's big prize of the evening: a free weekend at the Winter Retreat. Both Barb and Gerri-anne signed up too! Can't wait! Posted by Picasa

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Michele L from Tampa said...

I am so glad to see you yesterday and then again today - be still my heart! lol. Nice to have net your friends Barb, Gerri-anne, and Kim! 'Bout time they found out what they have been missing. Hope to see them again before WR, I know they will love it!!!