Saturday, October 14, 2006

From the Atlantic Coast

We spent last NewYear's with our friends in Titusville and got to experience the "other coast". The waves are bigger, the sand rougher but the salt air smells the same. Whatever else is different, it is still another day in Paradise.
I am off today with three pals to Sarasota to crop with the Hilltop Memories gals. These crops are fun, well organized and the food rocks! Linda does an amazing job assisted by Dee and others. Can't wait to get and give hugs. Kip gets to hang out with the gals more often than I do. Hopefully, I'll be closer before too long and can play a bit more than I get to now.

I don't know if I'll have a connection on Minnie, my beloved and very cute lap top, so if not, then I'll check in on Monday morning. Will be cropping today, staying the night, shopping at the amazing Ruban Rouge tomorrow and meeting up with the Kipster and my daughter for lunch...can't wait.

Enjoy your weekend where ever your Paradise might be. Posted by Picasa

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