Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gobble Gobble

The Turkey Testicle Festival will keep its name! The city counsel on the beach (the same ones who fought adding a park and ride bus during Season claiming that the island should be for the islanders, not tourists) decided that the name of the festival was not a good one and was trying to force the Surf Club, who sponsors the event each year, to change the name. I guess that the counsel thought the name not classy enough for our fun beach or something. But, wiser folks prevailed, partly due to the proliferation of other festivals nation-wide with the same "testicle" word in their titles. Yeah for the Surf Club and the like minded citizens.

So, for the 4th. year, the Surf Club will be hosting the event the Sat. before Thanksgiving. E and I, once again, had our dates confused. We were a tad early but did snag some of these tees for friends of ours who will wear them with great pride! YOu know who you are!

We ate lunch at Channel Mark. I had not eatern here in a long time but my sister claimed it is good food and cold beer and those seem to be our two chief ingredients for a good restaurant on the beach. CM is on the back bay and I'll post some pics from lunch. The jellyfish were out and I got a couple of decent shots of those. I'll have to crop to get them a bit more visible.

Off to a 40% off sale at one of the lss here in town...everything in the store. ScrapbooksNStickers on Metro is moving and I am going to see what I can snag (cardstock for sure)! Than I have a hair cut at noon and pick up E at work at 1:30. We leave for Jazz on the Green around 3:30 with our neighbors so we can stake out a good viewing spot on the lawn.
Can't wait for this event. I've been traveling the last couple of yearly concerts!

Off to do laundry and get cleaned up...have a good one all!

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Cindy said...

Oh those shirts are too funny, Jules!!! You friends will go nuts!