Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jazz on the Green

It was estimated that about 7,800 people attended last night's Jazz on the Green and I'd believe it. The whole place was wall to wall people and this year's festival was one of the best run yet!
We went with our neighbors'and friends, Deb and Ed who have been so kind to us and our cats over the past five years. They are our 'hurricane pals' and Deb and I've had some adventures riding our bikes and exploring together. We also met up with Christian, Allison and her mother and shared wine, cheese, crackers and dips with them during the concert. Christian and Allison live up the street and such a cute, young couple.
Maysa Leak warmed up the crowd with her sultry jazz singing. She use to do some work with Stevie Wonder and her style is complimentary of his.

Then came my current heart throb, Euge Groove. I have heard his songs
on the jazz radio w/o ever knowing who played these. Off to Barnes and
Noble today to pick up one or two of his cds.
And then came the Rippingtons and we were pleasantly surprised to find them joined by Jeff Kashiwa, whom I did not know had been with the Rippingtons before going out on his own in 1997. E and I are huge Jeff K fans and have all his cds. We first heard him at Jazz on the Green about 3 years ago. Amazing muscians, all of them.

As some of you may know already, we did receive an offer on the house but it was so low as to be downright insulting. We have let the new house go and are taking this one off the market until after the holidays at least. We will relist then at 369,000 which is the fair market value and when there will be more traffic through town due to our Seasonal residents returning. If the new house had been meant to be, it would have. As my friend Dee said not too long ago, the new house was not near water of any kind and I seem to be strongly drawn to and apparently need this element in my life. I can only think of one or two places I have ever lived that I have not been within walking distance of a lake, stream, river, canal, pond, ocean or gulf. The right house at the right time is waiting for us. I feel this to be true. Posted by Picasa


Cindy said...

Wow that is a fantastic sounding and looking festival Jules!!! How fun!

I am so sorry about all this house business. Is there a chance that this bid was just to test the waters and maybe you can counter offer? I know when we bought this house we countered back and forth a few times on the price. Know that whatever you decide it will be the right thing for you and E. I have a friend in the mortgage business in Nevada and she says things are so bad that she has to look for a part time job to make ends meet.

Cindy said...

Have you thought about getting a sofa sleeper for your living room? We do have a nice guest room but we also have a sofa sleeper in the front room that we use a lot. We got one that has a very nice mattress, a Simmons, I think. My scraproom is in the 3rd bedroom so this was a good solution for us. Just a thought.