Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Going to the birds!

The last time Kristen, Kip and I ate at this cute little tiki bar restaurant, we were entertained by a gator shopping for his lunch. Sunday, we were joined by this very large bird.
At one point he/she was picking through the trash can next to the dock and took off with a beak full of french fries.

I love little restaurants, haunted by locals and located on water. This one had a 3 piece band playing tropical tunes, decent food and a wonderful view!
Love this pic of the bird!

We are off to the beach on Friday. E has the day off and the Sand Sculpting Contest is starting on Estero Island. I went last year and got some awesome pictures. It is amazing what these artists do to create their wonderful sculptures. We are also on the look out for teeshirts for some of our pals. More about that later. The beach is famous for many festivals but the one we have in mind is one of the more notorious ones...lol.

Sat. is Jazz on the Green! I missed the last couple of events and am so glad we are going to this one. The Remmingtons' Twentieth Anniversary Tour is the highlight with some other good acts as well.

Have a great day! Posted by Picasa


Cindy said...

Sure does sound like paradise Jules!!

Dee said...

Geesh, if I wasn't working the crop Saturday I would just invite dear hubby and self down to spend the day with you at the beach. I love looking at the sand sculptures. They are absolutely amazing pieces of art. I'll be looking forward to seeing some pictures here on your blog.
Love ya, smooch . . .