Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sunrise in Paradise

I took these pictures yesterday morning and could not shoot fast enough...the colors kept shifting and deepening and gaining in intensity. I sat on the patio in my jammies (which I ended up wearing until well into the afternoon) sipping my coffee and just reveling in the theatrics of morning dawning here in Paradise.
The sort and purge continues in my work room today. Can you explain to me why anyone would have 3 boxes of different sized glass slides? Me either but have them I do. I do tend to buy things in large quantities as I know the company will stop making
whatever it is, the minute it finds out
I love it! lol.

I have a trip to the library and the UPs store on my agenda but not much more.

I did complete a layout yesterday and posted it in Jules'Creations. I love the Biggest Board pop outs by Fancy Pants Designs and have declared those my latest obsession! The letter I wrote to Cosmo Cricket is up on their site. I just love Julie Comstock's sense of humor and the products are really addictive with which to scrap

Off to start my day...hope yours is a good one! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Wow Julie! That is pretty spectacular. Is that your view every morning? No wonder you have such a positive outlook on life.

Thanks for inviting us to have a look (saw your post in the 'blog' thread at CK!.

Have a fab day - see you on the board.

ZoraF said...

Stunningly beautiful, Jules! :-) I have never seen a sunrise like that on the West Coast! -Zora

Michele L from Tampa said...

Beautiful pictures, man I wish I could take pictures like you do! They always come out so excellent. Will go check out the layout in a moment after posting. I saw those fancy pants chipboard - guess they are a gotta get huh ;p;

kisses! Michele L

Tya said...

Beautiful pics Jules! Wish I was there to enjoy it too.