Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It is going to be one of "those" days

I didn't sleep well to begin with thinking about the discrepancy in a paper order for my kits and trying to figure it out. Then, we got an upsetting phone call from a dear friend followed by too much coffee!

I know that most things that appear out of our control are not worth the worry, but it seems that is what I do best. My mother was a worrier and I seem to have inherited this trait from her.

I am off for some much needed scrap therapy. I might as well try to accomplish something over which I do have some control.

I need some cheese with my whine!


mae said...

Jules, so sorry about whatever bad news you received. I understand the worrying as my Mom passed it on to me---both thru genetics (I swear) and example. Her story was that she worried about things that had not even happened and that way, when (if) they did happen, all of the worrying was done and she could move on to something else.

Please, enjoy your scrapping. You do such beautiful work.


elle said...

Hope your day scrappin' was fun!


Ruth said...

Born worrier here too. My mother said I would be dead by the time I was forty I worried so much. She was wrong, should I worry about that! LOL.