Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday at our house

We had our neighbors, Ed and Deb and Kathy and Lyman, over for Super Bowl. We played more cards and talked than we did watch the game. None of us really had a favorite team but, since my pal, Maria, is from Chicago, I rooted for the Bears. Oh well...that is how my luck affects sports teams. For the past few years, every time the Rams played and I put out our Rams flag, they lost and usually by a large margin. I kept thinking that eventually, the owners of the Rams would contact me and offer pay if I did NOT fly the flag!

E went all out on the food: he had little sausages in a cherry bbq sauce, a wonderful dip made with cottage cheese with 4 kinds of crackers, wings from our favorite wing joint, Buffalo Chips, potato salad and a huge baked ham just to mention a few of the items. I ate far too much as usual. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Usually Super Bowl parties hold little interest for me as I do not understand football despite years of coaching cheer squads. This was a nice mix of good neighbors, good food and a good time.


Pam in Moncton said...

Seems like a fun time. The football is just an excuse I think. You don't really have to understand it!

elle said...

Sounds like a fun time of food and friends!

How do you stay so thin with all that good food around you all the time?!


mae said...

Football? What's that?

Mae : )

:Jayne said...

Yummy looking spread!
I'm the same way about Packer clothing as you are with your Rams flag. Everytime I wear my Packer stuff on game day, they lose! So I don't wear it on game day anymore!


tiggerrules said...

So you're the reason we lost. Ok, I'm alerting the media. They weren't as bad as all of Chicago thought, (and the whole nation it seems). LOL! The food sounds really yummy. Would love the recipe for the sausages with cherry sauce! mmmm