Friday, February 02, 2007

Making a list and checking it two/three/four times...

I have tons of little pieces of paper here on the counter where I sit with Minnie, my lap top. Every morning I add to the stack with more things to do and to remember and, by evening, the papers are everywhere.

This morning, in an effort to become that more efficient person I know I am capable of being, I gathered all the little scraps, the memos, the notes written on the edges of coupons and put them on one manageable sheet of lined notebook paper.

Step two consisted of actually doing something with this list. I refused to put more than ten things on it which meant dealing with some of the others 'have to do's' before I could attend to The List as I have taken to calling it.

I combined a couple of the 1-10 items by riding my bike up to Curves, asking to have my membership dropped (I have not gone in about 3 mo.) and stopping at the UPS store on my way home for stamps. I paid my bills, put the stamps on the envelopes and they are winging their way as I type.

I am down to 3 items remaining: use my gc from a girlfriend from last Christmas for bike tags, order Harry Potter (never got that done after all last night) and locate an address for a lss where I am teaching in March (sent e-mail requesting help from a pal on that coast).

Sat. morning, I will repeat the same procedure of listing only ten must do items and actually doing them. I've read that it takes about 3-6wks. to form a new habit when you break an old one. Wish me luck!

Oh, and I'll post the picture of the lovely amyrilis sp?) that is blooming on my front porch but you may have to wait for tomorrow's list! lol

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elle said...

My dear Jules, you have 10 things to do each day on a list?? Oh my!!