Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two paper companys to keep your eye on...

My friend Gail and I hit two lss in Sarasota today and, being the paper addict and collector that I am, I had to scoop up some of the papers I've been reading about on-line and two I had heard little or nothing about but think are going to be HOT!

The first company, Tinkering Ink, I had read a couple of posts about on a big on-line mb. The reviewer liked the papers but nothing she or others said enticed me to look at them on-line. Despite the fact the logo looks a bit like a Cosmo Cricket label knock off, the line has lots of merit on its own. It is bright, colorful, double sided and fun fun fun! I got several sheets of Perfectly Posh (very tropical colors in limes, hot pinks and turquoise with reds and browns thrown in and Westminster is done in lots of rich browns and pretty blues. I bought a sheet of the coordinated tags but just noticed that they were priced at 4.29 a sheet. I'm not sure if that was the store mark up or the company's suggested price but far too steep for what you get...even if they are too cute for words. The tags etc. also come in felt. This company with its cool papers has potential. (www.tineringink.com)

This brings me to the second company, rouge de garance (which means red of something...pardon moi! I took Spanish! lol). The colors are vibrant, the designs fun and the paper slick and double sided and the company produces a whole line of 6x6 papers along with the 12x12s! This is what convinced me to get almost one of every 6x6 the store carried. I got home only to discover that I did not pick up a single one of the 12x12s...I must have been stunned by the economy sized papers which make far too much sense! Love them and can't wait to play with these. (www.rougedegarance.com)

While I'll always be a Cosmo gal to the bone, one should branch out from time to time, don't you agree!


madelineas said...

Those are cool papers Jules. Lucky you.

:Jayne said...

Love the papers, but I know that no matter what the papers, you will make something awesome!
btw, your house is going postal Wed!


Tam said...

cool papers. I really really love the 'french' one.