Tuesday, February 27, 2007

These boots aren't made for walkin'....

We saw these boot planters on Bokeelia in the garden of an art gallery when we took our friends to Pine Island. I love the blue of the boots against the colors of the begonias.

This morning I am driving to Sarasota to meet my on-line friend of many years, Gail. Despite having shared our lives on-line on a couple of different scrap message boards, we have never met in real life. She and I are going to meet at K-2, a scrap store, head down the road to another and then have lunch. I'll head back south and hope to avoid too much traffic. This will be good practice for my road trip to the other coast to teach at Stamping Memories at the end of March.

The bank readily admitted their error and made amends to the extent of calling the one store where a check of ours was refused to make sure the store knew the error was the bank's and not ours. This is a load off my mind for sure and having all those fees restored to my account sure makes life easier!

E is packing like a mad man. I am starting on the guest room soon as I have lots of stuff stored in the closet up there. I'll be sorting things out for a garage sale that Kristen and Chris want to have at their house. We start our house search this coming Monday. Last night we went back over the print outs of the houses sent to us by the realtor and elliminated about 6 or 7 for a variety of reasons: location, size, price etc.

Have a great day!

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madelineas said...

Love the boots too. They even match you tile. way cool