Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yes, my house is for sale...

and NO, I will not

1. find you a maid or a gardener. That is what the yellow pages are for.

2. "throw in" my bedroom furniture and my Italian imported couch

3. give you my grandmother's walnut pull chest that was part of her dowry

4. take down all the wall paper and repaint to see if you like the house better

5. remove the hot tub and enlarge the lanai

6. get you a permit to put in a pool on the side of the house

7. tear up the carpet in 2 rooms because you don't like the color

8. give you a lighting allowance

9. offer you a second beer out of my fridge (I didn't offer you the first one!)

10. accept your insulting offer for my house of 70,000 less than the listed price

11. replace the washer and dryer (we are offering you a year warrenty on the appliances and the house as is)

12. install the storm shutters...we'll give you our video

13. pick up the association dues for your first year (you are getting a steal on the house as it is...don't push your luck).

14. take the word of your stock broker that you have the money instead of you coming up with earnest money.

15. take the tiles out of alcove because you don't like lighthouses


ZoraF said...

You can't be serious. Someone did not TRULY come to you with these asinine demands? Oh my gosh, Jules. I think your house loves you and E and doesn't want anyone else moving in. Everything happens for a reason. If it's meant to be you will get a good offer. I'm sorry this has been such a stressful undertaking for you both! Hang in there! -Zora

RobinFL said...

LOL. Amazing!! Good Luck!

Robin :-)

Michele L from Tampa said...

The nerve of some people!

Eljay said...

OMG People amaze me. I guess I will never get over the gall some have.

tiggerrules said...

LOL! This looks like a lo in the making. You just need to add some paper! You will laugh about this someday. Keeping fingers crossed that this next one is the last one.

madelineas said...

Boy Jules I tell ya some people have big ones, don't they

How I feel for you, I hope things change and the house selld quick