Saturday, February 10, 2007

Biker Babes....not!

Here are Barb (one of the best roomies a gal can have on the sb convention circuit!) and me atop some awesome Harley bikes. Did we crank up these beauties and head on down the highway..looking for adventure? Ah, no. We posed and postured but I gotta tell you, had I known what I was doing, I think we would have. A friend of ours who owns a hot pink Harley took us to the HD store in Ft. Worth Tx and Barb and I took turns taking pictures of us on the bikes. We even got a couple of "backside" shots of two hot guys in leathers! and, if I remember correctly, later that evening we also got some shots of some 'not so hot' cowboys on their horses outside of Cattleman's where we had dinner.

Now I need to examine my obvious fixation with backsides...I'll keep you posted on my findings!

1 comment:

Michele L from Tampa said...

Love the pictures, you gals are a hoot!