Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Splish Splash....

Our friend, Chuck, takes the most amazing pictures. He caught the spray perfectly in this shot. We had all gone up to Gasparilla Island for the day when Chuck and Linda were visiting from St. Louis. It was a bit breezy when we first got there, but the day only got prettier and prettier.

I have been wondering lately why we don't go to the beach more often...we are maybe fifteen minutes max from the beach off season and probably 45 min. on a weekend during season. When we lived in St. Louis, we seldom went to the Art Museum or the Arch or any of the other attractions. Before we moved, we made a list of all the places in wanted to visit or revisit and, with the help of our friends, managed to check off almost every place. Now, every time we return "home", these same friends make sure we do something they know we would enjoy. Thanks Steve and DeeDee, Nick and Kay and Chuck and Linda.

I think E and I need to make a list of places we've loved to visit or talked about visiting since we moved here and make sure to hit some of them before we move.

We are off to a Cardinal/Twins baseball game today, thanks to Kim who is traveling on the west coast with her family. Our house inspection is the morning and we do not anticipate any problems in passing. Our neighbors, who are snowbirds, have offered us the use of their house should there be a gap in between the closing on this one and on the one we hope to buy. I will miss our neighbors and the little bit of family we have left living her but am anxious to get closer to the kids.

Have a good one.


Pam in Moncton said...

Great picture! You have nice neighbours to loan you their house. Hope all goes well with the inspection, as I imagine it will.

:Jayne said...

What great neighbors you have!! Have fun at the ballgame!


mae said...

Great picture! Are you getting excited about the new house and move? Your kids will love being so close.

How nice it is that your neighbors have offered you their home in case of an interim. I remember a saying, I'm thinking my mother taught it to me, "To have a friend, first you must be one". I'm sure you and E would do the same for them.


Denita said...

What a peaceful picture Jules. I think I might just save it as my screen saver here at work for a while.
Love ya,

madelineas said...

Love the picture. Hope you enjoyed the baseball game today..