Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Take me out to the ball game!

Yesterday we attended the Cards vs the Twins Spring training game here in Ft. M. Of course we were rooting for our old home town favorites, The St. Louis Cards. Despite a sea of Cardinal red shirts and hats and even a sign that said, "St.Louis Snowbirds for the Red Birds", the Cards lost to the Twins 5 to 2. It was a beautiful day for a ball game: sunny, a few fluffy clouds and a wonderful breeze. The funniest thing about this whole thing was the fact that here we are way down in Paradise and, sitting in the same row is an ex-student of mine from one of my English classes from Hazelwood Central back in St. Louis. (cue "It's a Small World" music at this point)...many thanks to Kim Hodges ( for the tickets.

I'll post one more pic a bit later. I love how it turned out but this blog will only upload so many and whatever that number is, I missed it by one. Have a good one all!


Pam in Moncton said...

I envy you big time! One of these years I want to attend some spring training games. I like baseball, but, more than that, the word "Spring Training" are just some of the most hopeful sounding words to me, with all they imply: the awakening of a new season, the coming of summer, the hope each and every team has for the final glory in the fall. Oh yes, they have training camps for hockey too, and that same hope is there, but there is also the knowledge that it means winter is coming with all it's snowy cold mess (well not where you live, but that's another story...). I just hear those words..."Spring Training" and my whole self just feels warm and summery...aaahh, Spring Training!

Thanks for the pictures. Sorry your Cards didn't win, but maybe that's hopeful for the real season!

:Jayne said...

Ah! Nothing like a ball game in the spring! It sounds like you had a wonderful time despite the Cards loss. The Cub's fan in me can tell you,"there's always next time" LOL!
Glad you had fun my friend.


ZoraF said...

Looks like a great day for a game! :-)
How cool about running into your former student!! -Zora

mae said...

Sounds like a fun time---gotta love a good day at the ball park. Great pics. The sky is so BLUE!!!!!!!


Michele L from Tampa said...

Love the pix, especially the one of the guy running! My work was giving away tix to the Yankees Spring Training, but I missed out. The email was sent and not even 2 mins later another one was sent saying - all gone! Drats.

madelineas said...

Looks like a gorgeous day there and sounds like a good time was had. I so wish I could talke Bill into going there. I know he would love it, maybe next year..