Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Belated Blogging about Dad's Day

It was a hot one here in Paradise! We spent most of our time in the pool playing our own warped version of dodgeball/keepaway/red rover red rover. The kids cooked brats and burgers for E and I managed to get a pic of the family with almost everyone's mouth full of food. The kids gave E cards and some manual labor which is about all he asked for. His favorite refrain is, "Tell the kids I don't need anything!"

You can see our new toy that E won for us at Pool School...it only took us 4 days to assemble. Chris helped E and it was done in fifteen minutes. Rob is floating in the lounger. He had gone floating on the Crystal River the day before and eveyone in his car left the inner tubes they had to buy to float. We are now the proud owners of one large and two small plastic inner tubes in addition to the other toys I bought for us at Pinch-a-Penny and Wally World. We now have more toys than pool!!!

Enjoy yur day!


madelineas said...

Jules just love your pool, looks like a good time was had by all

Anne said...

You're having too much fun without me! Save some of that until October, will you? And CONGRATULATIONS on being published! That is awesome exciting, and then some. Proud of you, gf, and missing you madly!

scrappinkay said...

Wow, your pool is absolutely amazing. Looks like it could be in some fancy hotel. We are really enjoying our pool this year. We still have lots of work to do around it to make it look pretty, but the water sure is nice on these hot days. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I don't get to the CKMB much anymore, life is just too busy. Have a great weekend.