Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The whole she-bang!

Over a year ago, I was asked for one of my projects by Somerset Memories. I was thrilled. To me, this company and their magazines represent the epitome of getting published. I raced up to UPS, had them specially box and ship the project and then waited and waited and waited some more.

I knew from women at The Owl and the Pussy Cat Stamp Art Store in Ft. Myers, that Somerset sometimes waited eons to publish a piece they had requested. One woman said they still had a card or two of hers after two years.

I am a true believer in the old adage that good things are worth waiting for so I waited some more. Then yesterday, after buying the magazine and checking it faithfully every month, voila! There is was...well, almost all of it. They elected to publish the last 3 of the panels, leaving off my grandmother and great grandmother's panels. So, here it is! I did embellish both sides of the hinged panels and what you see is the only view I can find...the back. I'll try to take a better pic when I get the project back.

Off to look at my project in the magazine once more...it automatically opens to pg. 62 now! lol.


Tya said...

Congratulations Jules! What a lovely piece you created. :-)

madelineas said...

Congratulations Jules. That is a very nice piece you created. I hope you don't have to wait eons to get it back now

:Jayne said...

Congrats Jules! I remember falling in love with this when you posted it before! What a cool Idea!