Friday, June 22, 2007

Off to the Hilltop Birthday Crop

I think I am all packed...trying to travel light this time as you can see. Oh, wait! I forgot the table for my XXL and I HAVE to have that. And, oh yes, I forgot my snack food (not that Linda doesn't always have way lots of yummy food). OOPS...then there is my laptop, Minnie, and all her connections. Have to take Minnie...she loves going to crops and I need her to pull up pics to print.

I just feel like I am forgetting something important....oh yeah! My clothes! Off to pack the bare necessities so I have room for my mini cooler and a couple of brews! See you all Sunday with lots of fun pics, I hope, and tons of new stories. Also look for the BIG NEWS that will be announced at the crop!

Love to all, Jules


madelineas said...

Hope you got it all together there Jules.
Have a great time at the crop,and hope you share the Big News when you get back.
Travel safe

Ruth said...

Finally caught up on your news. And the big new is?????

Love the toys in the pool on father day, it looks perfect. And those photos of Goof are brilliant. So with your random scrapping, do you make yourself scrap the first one that comes out or do you still sort through to find just the one that suits your scrapping mood?

Thinking of you as always.