Monday, June 25, 2007

Hilltop Memories Birthday Crop

About 3 years ago all I ever heard from my pal Kip was Hilltop Hilltop Hilltop. Boy, did she ever talk about these weekend and one day crops! She would go on and on about how much fun she had, how cool the make n takes were, how much she got done, how yummy the food was and how she laughed and laughed. I thought to myself, she is hallucinating as no crops can be all that.

Little did I know! This was my first Birthday Crop and the 4 year anniversary for Linda Jenkins' Hilltop Memories (www.hilltopmemories) and the Kipster was not exaggerating a hair. And the more of the members I meet, the more I laugh and celebrate friends. I have been a "card carrying" Hilltop girl for close to two years now myself and I can't imagine not having these wonderful women in my life.

A recent recruit was asked by someone not at the crop what she thought of these wild, demented, crazed scrapping gals (my adjectives and they are all positive ones in my book)! This 'virgin' Hilltopper was heard to say, "They are raunchy and I love them!". (Of course, she was placed at the Bad Girl Table, sort of a baptism by fire. If you can handle the Bad Girl Table, you can do almost anything). It is true for many of us in that there are few restraints in place besides the love of our craft and for our fellow Hilltoppers. It is one of the few times we can let down our hair, not have to filter our words, give up bras and make up and scrap from dusk to dawn if we so desire.

Here are a few snaps from the crop. At Kip's suggestion we all lined up our totes both little and big and took a "group shot" of them. We never got around to the group shot of us...shows where our priorities are, doesn't it? There is a picture of Dee and Miss Elle's baby Taco, Our Beloved Leader, Miss Linda, Mary Mary and my dear friend from Ft. Myers, Barbara!

And now begins the long wait until the next Hilltop Memories crop which is in Sebring
Fl on Aug. 3-5th, The Fried Green Tomatoes Crop. I shall practice patience but not willingly!


Tya said...

Jules it sounds like you had a lot of fun. I do a weekend get-a-way with my mom, best friend & cousin every year. I can't wait till August. We always have so much fun! :-)
So did you actually do any scrapping? ;-)

Jules said...

Tya, I finished one project, taught a class and got 90% of another done that I am teaching at the next crop...I was on a roll.

Norma said...

Sounds like so much fun and I missed out on all of it. I'll be on vacation for the Sebring crop but hopefully I can come to the next one. Glad you had such a fun, productive time.

madelineas said...

Glad you had a good time AND got something done

Ruth said...

They way you all talk about it I am surprised there is any room for newbies. Is it constantly growing? Glad you had a great time.

Tam said...

OMG! Looks like a great time! The Bad Girl Table sounds like the best place to be!

eljay716 said...

Oh how I love you!! so glad you are a part of us. thanks for all the kind words!

Pam in Moncton said...

Sounds like a great weekend as it would have to be with that bunch! Wish I was close enough to go to some of those! I'll have to make do with the yearly cruise.