Saturday, July 14, 2007

Calling the Geek Squad

I have three printers, count 'em, three. One is my nice Epsom photo printer that,up til this past week, was doing a wonderful job printing both text and my photos. Then, the feeder started rejecting anything thicker or thinner than standard computer paper. Off to Best Buy with my extended warranty in hand. "Two weeks," the guy at the counter said and bye bye went my good printer.

This left me with my cheap-y HP that I found at Big Lots earlier this year for $35.oo. It was perfect for crops and it fit into the bottom of my xxl tote with some space to spare. It was not the best but it worked. That would be the past tense...worked. I hooked it up to Minnie, my laptop where Rob had installed the soft ware and set about printing a photo I had cropped and enlarged in Picasa. The printer said no way Jose and, despite many tries, no photo!

I moved next to my 12x12 HP that I just had to have and seldom use. That software is loaded onto Harry. Not only would Big Bertha, as I call that printer, not print the photo but I am pretty sure I heard her laughing at me as well. What nerve.

So, here is sit going through withdrawal and, on the verge of running up to Staples and getting still another printer..someone hold me back!!!


madelineas said...

ules I was looking at printers in Sam's yesterday, I already have two of them, do I really NEED another one???

Anne said...

Stop! Stop! All will be well. Maybe a few gentle words with hands waved over the printers will do the trick. That, or yes, it's time for the geek squad.