Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blog Challenge from Creative Scrap Shack

I love challenges and, thanks to Kip, got hooked to the blog challenge at the Shack. My top 5 vacation memories

#1 has to be our tip to particular, Venice. I was enchanted by this city, the mystery, the slightly mildewed splendor. Our ride in the gondola has to be one of the highlights of this adventure with our champaign and good friends and the opera singer on the gondola next to ours!

#2 also in Italy. Our 2 days in the lake district in the Italian Alps. I could have moved into any of the small towns that surround Lake Garda and lived happily ever was romantic and beautiful.

#3 our 'honeymoon' at Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozarks. We had only been married about 8 mo. but E arranged a get away weekend for us over the Valentine's Day weekend. We had the most amazing room with a tub that could easily seat four, a fireplace in the room which E dismantled trying to start before we called the desk and they told us about the wall switch and a porch with rockers overlooking the lake. Ahhhhhh Bliss!

#4 Week 29 almost any year. I bought 3 wks. when I was newly divorced in 1986. We've given one to Rob and kept the other two. One by one, we invited our friends from st. louis to join us there and almost all purchased a week. Now we gather once a year, walk the beach, watch the dolphins play in the morning, get caught up with each others' lives, drink, eat and float in the pool.

#5 Key West at Fantasy Fest. The parade was incredible and the sunset worthy of a toast and a cheer every night. We had an incredible time when we went 5 years ago and no, I did not get painted!lol. (a tie for #5 has to be any trip we have taken to New Orleans).

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Kip said...

They all sound like fantastic times!!