Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cheers Girlfriends

I just had to scrap this picture of Dee and Barb. Don't let those charming smiles fool you! These two almost got us thrown out of the Castle Winery here in Tarpon Springs...lol. Or maybe it was the expressions on Linda's face when she tried some of the wines that were not up her alley! lol

We just had far too much fun!


Michele L from Tampa said...

Love the page and the colors used!

mcewen said...

I should do something to. You sort of feel that during the summer holidays that there would be time for these kinds of projects, but somehow the time just disappears.
Best wishes

Kip said...

cute, cute!!!

:Jayne said...

Love it! Doesn't Dee look so innocent! LOL! If only we could scrap video! LOL!


Denita said...

Hey, I am innocent!!!! I resemble that remark damn it!!! Greta layout Jules. I know you made one for me to right?

Love ya darling,