Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Girls' Weekend (part 3)

Other than the fact that our dinner order got royally messed up, the evening activity was such fun. The Gulf was relatively calm, the breezes refreshing, and the boat ride soothing to the soul.

I am a water person. I have no clue why because I was not born under any water sign, if you believe in those things. I just have to be near water and this was a wonderful way to get my need satisfied for a while. We got a tour of the north Anclote near the sponge docks and the photo ops didn't stop with shrimp boats and spongers everywhere we looked. The tour out to the lighthouse was wonderful and, on our way back in after sunset, there were a few scattered fireworks displays left over from the 4th. Another great evening with an amazing group of friends.

Thus concludes the brief account of the weekend because, after all, most of what happens with the Girlfriends, stays with the Girlfriends, right?


karen j said...

Hi Jules! love the pics-remind me of Skudeneshavn -family village in Norway-miss you too especially when you don't answer my emails!! congrats on your new home!

crazydarla said...

ALRIGHT! I am so ready to jump a plane down to Florida to party with you girls..... oh I am so jealous! GREEN with envy jealous right now!! Someday soon, I promise I am gonna just POP up on your doorsteps... seriously!

:O) Darla