Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good bye to the beach...

Friday afternoon we all headed over to the Fish House behind Santini Plaza for our traditional calamari lunch and girls photo. The food was not as good as we could remember in past years. Perhaps the restaurant had a new chef and the place was understaffed as well. We may take a pass on this next year. Jadee, her girls, Joanie, Stacey and Fran all headed to the airport for their late afternoon flight back to St. Louis. Andrea and her two cute ones left Sat. morning.

On our last night at the beach, Jerry, Kim, Kristen, E and I headed over to Channel Mark, a restaurant/bar located on the back bay. Al Holland, who use to sing with the Platters was performing. We met up with my sister and her boyfriend and enjoyed the evening. It poured when we first arrived but cleared enough for us to pose for this shot next to some of the pretty sail boats moored at the docks.

Sat. morning is always a bittersweet one. We are packing and storing things in the van and trying to clean up the unit. E and I walked over to Reese's at the small shopping center across the street for the early bird breakfast and I squeezed in a short walk on my beloved stretch of sand where it meets the Gulf.

Friday evening before we headed to Channel Mark, Kim and Jerry surprized us with a tiki carving for the back of the pool. I adore the grin on this guy's face. We did have a bit of a problem finding him a spot in the van but were successful in the end.

Upon returning home, we were joined by Chris and Kristen and had a late lunch at Rusty Bellies down at the end of the Sponge Docks here in Tarpon about great food and huge servings!

And finally, here are Kim and Jerry in front of the 'their' room! This sign thing is fast becoming a tradition.

Tons of fun upcoming but will chat more about those later. Have a good one all! And, as Dorothy said, "there's no place like home".


Tya said...

Jules - I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. Your photos are beautiful. And that beach is just awesome. Wish I were there. Glad you and E are home safe!

:Jayne said...

Love the Tiki guy! His grin is fabulous!
Glad to have you home, rest up, we have a fun weekend upcoming!


madelineas said...

Cool tikit guy. I am so glad you had a nice vacation..

Kip said...

Tiki guy is a hoot! I'm a little over all these people sleeping in my room don't cha know....