Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday night cook out...

It is traditional during our Week 29 that on Thursdays we have a community cook out amongst our friends. This was started, in part, as a way to get rid of leftovers before we all depart on Sat. morning. After we clean up, we usually all take a nice long walk on the beach.

This year, our annual cook out coincided with the 40something birthday of one of our pals, Joanie. We feted her with a beach themed cake (found by E), a musical b'day card and some wonderful lotions from Jadee and Andrea.

We got talking with a woman whose unit was behind the pavilion and learned that this was her first summer in 25 years coming to the resort w/o her husband. He had died the preceding January and she was planning to move back north to be near her family. This is fairly common down here. She gave us all thought and more appreciation for our spouses and family. She and her husband were the first people to buy a time share when the resort went from motel to time share.

This has been a different type of week. We have lots of babies here at the resort both with us and with other owners. We have watched one set of twins grow from babies to pre-teens and some of the regulars' children have changed so much over this past year that we have not even recognized them.

One of the biggest problems this week for many of us has been the rude and inconsiderate behavior of a wandering band of bored junior high aged kids. Their parents are not supervising them and there have been numerous complaints registered with the office but little action taken to curtail their insolent behavior. This is such a sad situation. Since their parents are owners here, the office and the security guard is limited in the action that can be taken. There is an election here soon. E and I will be carefully considering the candidates for those in favor of better enforcement of the few rules we do have. Usually we just send in the proxy vote....not this time!

Today is our last full day here. We'll head to the Fish House for lunch and then 5 of our gang need to get to the airport to wing their way back to St Louis. We are toasting the working people daily, never fear!

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madelineas said...

Jules all in all sounds like you and Ed had a great week. It is too bad parents can't keep a better eye on their kids..
Miss you girlie