Tuesday, July 17, 2007

His fans have been asking....

and here is the 'secret' recipe for one of E's famous potato salads. He says you may have to go to a gourmet food shop to get the white truffle oil and he used a bit more than the recipe called for. Whatever he did, it was divine!

Click on the image to enlarge!


:Jayne said...

DANNNGGGG! I wish I could have had this recipe about 3 hours ago! We are doing salads for lunch tomorrow, this would be perfect! No gourmet shops around here open. I guess there is next week! Tell E it still won't taste as good as his did! He's AWESOME!
PS Good thing we had such commotion with Teri's car the morning we left. I forgot to put E in my suitcase when I left!

jan said...

Hi Jules!!

I see you stop by the CKMB once in a while!! So why did scrapendipity get banned? They act like these people commit murder or something! I read that post this morning. I can understand your frustratiion! I 'met' a woman on the board, she lives in West Virginia, her husband designed a building in NJ, she'll be traveling up here soon to see it with her DH and we're going to meet up. I like to be able to 'pop' into the site anytime and chit caht ya know.
Take care!! I'm sure you are enjoying your new home and being closer to your family!! HUGS!! janet