Monday, July 16, 2007

The Count down begins...

We leave Wed. for the time share on Ft. Myers' Beach. It will be good to see all our St. Louis pals again and our Titusville friends, Kim and Jerry. Before we go, I have some directions to write for the August Hang Ten kit. I'll post a teaser when the end of the month gets closer. I have had a blast designing this one and can't wait for you to see it!

We have to tidy up the house for our house sitter. Chris and Kristen's friend has agreed to watch the boys and keep the house safe and sound for us. We got the young kid down the street to mow the yard and Chris says he'll come by and check the pool for us when he gets back into town. Kip is talking about coming down one day for an overnight and maybe having Janet M follow her...what fun!

I won a $10.00 gc at Creative Scrap Shack last night at the on-line bon fire. Those girls are really fun and so very talented. Now to go through the store and see what I 'need'. lol

This is the layout I finished yesterday when my printers were finally up and running. The cheap HP printer problem guessed it, pilot error. I had it plugged into the wrong outlet on the laptop. Big Bertha, my 12x12, needed to be hooked up in a different way (I didn't do that one) and now needs an ink cartridge and she will be up and running too. Thanks Rob!

Off to do some laundry, figure out what I want to take in the way of clothes and I'll leave the scrap packing for tomorrow. Good thing we have a van, huh?

Have a great day all


madelineas said...

Love the Lo Jules.
Hope you have a good time on your trip. Stay safe

Michele L from Tampa said...

Great layout and even better that it is a excellent picture of you and your daughter!

Jenelle said...

Congrats on the GC, I love having you at the shack Jules. You are a hoot!!!

Anne said...

I know how you love your time at the beach, and now you can really enjoy it without having to leave for mail checks, cutting grass, etc. It will probably be nice, too, to be back on familiar turf, even as you are enjoying exploring your new "neighborhood." Wish I could join you! Miss you muchly,

Teresa said...

How cute of you and it!
Have fun, enjoy the trip.